Our Mission

Build Network platform. Build Credible and Empowering Education Systems. Encourage Best Practices Exchange Mechanism. Create enabling environment for learning.

Our Vision

Building a united Christian Education in the beautify of diversity.

Our Values

Provide leadership which is: Intentional, Deliberate, Decisive, Committed and Ethical

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what do we do ?

The federation of Christian Universities and Colleges, that offers oriented programs and engaged in applied and profession related research with Christian Universities and Colleges on a global scale. We raise acceptable and accreditation of qualifications and level the qualifications standards for Christian educating to be on par with other education and training platforms.

FCUS's origin

The Christian Education world has seen and experienced the onslaught which precipitated the decline in up keeping it as a discipline and governments particularly in the Western world, which were thriving on Christian values began to abandon support for Christian Education. The academic and scholarly education and development was left to device of individual churches and Christian groupings to regroup and restructure themselves in order to maintain training and education.


FCUC's aim

The Federation of Christian Universities and Colleges (FCUC) seeks to trade an enabling environment for the development of Christian Education and achieve the following:

  • The unity of Christian Education Institution and thereby facilitating the unity Christian education
  • Create a platform for a united quality and standard of education
  • Create a generally accepted criteria for recognition standard for qualification.