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Federation through its Panel of Academic Causes and Unit Standard Moderation will technically provide quality assurance.
The Panel is still to be developed

Federation will provide guidance and direction for content and each institution will be carry the cost of content development.

That is one of the primary reasons that led to the establishment of the Federation.
FCUC will interact and facilitate throughout SAQA’s accreditation process. Said process is one of the major barriers for Christian education

Currently, each institution is fragmented and working alone with no support. The Federation believes there is a huge opportunity for cross pollination of best practices and policies.
Through the Federation, the collaboration of member institutions will be fostered for the benefit of each member

The Federation will establish a broad framework thatwill serve as a generally accepted academic standard and code.
This will take into consideration the diversity of each institution and its “unique product offering”
Through the Federation Panel, member institution will be guided

Federation is registered as NGO

The Federation recognizes the role church body representatives like the SACC, etc. and will be given the opportunity to lead the conversation on regulation of churches discussion. The Federation will provide input to such bodies.

The Federation supports the Constitutional framework of the country which accord the right of individuals to practice their faith.

The Federation will reach out to all independent Christian education institutions like SATS and if they are members of FCUC, the Federation will maintain contact and explore collaboration with them.

Institutions like SAQA, TRAINING SETAS, etc. are some of the key reasons and core focus for the Federation. This is key for Federation members’ development, advancement and growth 

Member affiliation fee is R5,000.00 per annum.